instructions for visitors

When in the museum visitors are kindly requested to:

 Maintain silence in the study halls
 Turn off their mobile phone ring tone to avoid disturbing others
 Not to take food and drinks into the galleries and exhibition halls
 Not to take in animals, with the exception of guide dogs for non-sighted visitors
 Not to smoke
 To leave helmets, umbrellas, large bags and other bulky objects (larger than 25x30x12 cm) in the cloakroom before beginning their visit. Use of the cloakroom is free.
 Keep their entrance ticket until the end of their visit. The museum staff is authorised to ask to see tickets throughout the museum.
 All areas of the museum are subject to video surveillance
Photography and video

Photography and video recordings is allowed in the museum piazza and foyer but is forbidden in the exhibition galleries. Professional and /or commercial shoots and the copying of works must be authorised by the foundation.