Arte Archive Centre

Arte Archive Centre

Arte Archive Centre

It maintains and manages the museum’s documentation archive and historical collections since 2012. It offers assistance to users on-site and remotely for document consultation.

The Archive Centre preserves, catalogues and displays for the public the documentation produced in connection with the museum’s activities, from its opening until today, and also valuable historical collections.


Historical funds: the Art Archive Centre, following the Museum’s mission, has started a careful policy of acquiring historical, contemporary art funds in close dialogue with the works in the Collection, with the book heritage and the funds already present since 2010. Starting with the first significant donation of the Incontri Internazionali d’Arte fund in 2012, the Archive Centre has acquired, catalogued, digitalised and opened for consultation the historical collections of the critic Alberto Boatto, contributions from the history of sound experimentation in Italy, Sound Art, the Ugo Ferranti Gallery, the artists Luca Maria Patella and Rosa Foschi and the Pieroni Gallery.

Contemporary Archive: preserves, protects and provides to the public the documents produced by the Museum during its activities. Approximately 2,800 archival units with heterogeneous materials, on paper or digital media, including artists’ portfolios, folders and press reviews, invitations, posters, posters, and photographs, produced in part by MAXXI and in part received from artists and institutions.

Photographic Archive: born out of the need to organise iconographic sources, it was set up following the collection of material produced or commissioned during events closely related to the Museum’s activities, the conservation and the use of documentary sources in the context of the promotion and production of 21st-century arts. It has more than 5,000 continuously growing photographic records available to users for consultation and use.

Video Archive: made up partly of productions initiated within the Museum’s activities and partly thanks to spontaneous donations received from artists, critics, scholars and curators involved in the Museum’s programming, it offers the public more than 500 video records that are constantly growing and are open for public consultation.

Archive Wall: inaugurated in 2017 and located in the museum lobby, it introduces the itinerary to the CollectionCollection through the historical narrative proposed by the exhibition focusing on the funds stored in the Arte Archive Centre.



staff is available to national and international users to support research activities by identifying specific topics, amount of documents stored and location, enabling users to choose between on-site consultation and remote reproduction service.

what it offers
an opportunity to browse and consult the documents conserved at the MAXXI Arte Archives centre in the dedicated study room with the assistance of highly qualified staff in the cataloguing activities of the individual funds.

who may access
individual visitors: free of charge and upon booking

info and contacts
admission, by appointment only, is permitted from Tuesday to Thursday, from 11 am to 4 pm.
To make an appointment and for further information: