5 per 1000

Support contemporary creativity: donate your Cinque per Mille to the MAXXI Foundation

As a taxpayer you can decide to devolve via your declaration of income a 5 per 1000 share of your income tax (IRPEF).

Your contribution will help us to expand and conserve our collections, support young artists and architects, produce events and exhibitions of quality, enrich the research centre with books and documents and much more besides.

Donating your 5 per 1000 to the Fondazione MAXXI is easy:

  1. Look for the box on the Income Declaration form (Modello Unico, 730, CUD): “Scelta per la destinazione del Cinque per Mille dell’IRPEF” – “Choice of destination of the IRPEF 5 per 1000”
  2. Sign in the box “Sostengo delle organizzazioni non lucrative di utilità sociale…” – “I support not-for-profit organizations of social utility…”
  3. Insert the fiscal code of the Fondazione MAXXI in the space provided below your signature: 10587971002


This is an important source of support for us. It costs you nothing and does not affect your choice of destination for the 8×1000 share.