Acquisition Gala

The Acquisition Gala is a major annual event with which MAXXI creates a further opportunity for fundraising to enhance the museum’s collections through the extraordinary involvement of Italian and International supporters and patrons and companies.
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Acquisition Gala 2022

Acquisition Gala 2018. L’Aquila at heart

MAXXI is preparing for its annual fundraising evening, the proceeds from which will be divided this year, with half being devolved to L’Aquila where, in 2019, a branch of the museum will open in Palazzo Ardinghelli, currently undergoing restoration.
The MAXXI L’Aquila project will be an opportunity for the contemporary art and architecture community to contribute to the rebirth of a city that while wounded is looking to the future with confidence.
Guests from the worlds of art, film, culture and business will enjoy a preview of the photographic exhibition Paolo Pellegrin. Un’Antologia and a dinner inspired by his photographs, created by the chef Francesco Apreda.
Musical performance by Neri Marcorè accompanied by Gnu Quartet. Special guest of the evening, Samantha Cristoforetti.

Acquisition Gala 2017

In 2017, the Acquisition Gala raising funds for the MAXXI Permanent Collection was held on the occasion of the inauguration of the exhibition Home Beirut. Sounding the Neighbours, curated by Hou Hanru, and the launch of the project Light by the photographer Michel Comte. Two great chefs, Cristina Bowerman and Hussein Hadid, collaborated to create the special menu for an event attended by around 500 guests from all over the world.

Acquisition Gala 2016

This year MAXXI has decided to devolve 10% of the revenue from the event to the restoration of the cultural heritage in the areas affected by the earthquake in Central Italy.
The evening will feature a preview of the exhibition The Japanese House and the performance ROOTS by Thomas De Falco. This will be followed by a special menu devised and created by Chef Moreno Cedroni and the proclamation of the winner of the PREMIO MAXXI 2016.

Acquisition Gala | 9 November 2015

On the occaision of the exhibition Transformers.

The great chef Carlo Cracco and the celebrated singer Elisa come together in support of MAXXI, making the annual Acquisition Gala even more magical and absolutely unmissable on Monday 9 November.
Guest acquiring tablet and participating in Transformers Night – this is the name of the event – will enjoy a special menu devised and prepared by the famous chef and be enchanted by the voice of Elisa who will be performing.

Acquisition Gala 2014

on the occasion of the exhibition Bellissima. L’Italia dell’alta moda 1945 – 1968

Acquisition Gala 2013

on the occasion of the exhibition Galleria Vezzoli