Nikolay Karabinovych, Something happened this spring, 2021, film still
Tuesday 26 March 2024 - Sunday 21 April 2024

videogalleryOur ship is a corsair schoonerVideo art of Odesa from the 90s to today

videogallery – free admittance
curated by Andriy Siguntsov and Anna Morokhovskaya

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Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

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Between experimentation and artwork, the film screening recounts the evolution of video language, starting from the collection of the Odessa Museum of Modern Art.

The curators of the Odessa Museum of Modern Art, Andriy Siguntsov and Anna Morokhovskaya, trace the unique evolution of video language in Odessa from its earliest, more experimental forms to its recognition as a work of art.

The film screening opens with a succession of heterogeneous videos – pirate footage, television programmes, performances and short films – that highlight the more experimental essence of the first forms of video art in Odessa. This intense creative season was followed from the early 2000s by a phase of the general abandonment of video language, which only returned to the centre of artistic practice from 2014 onwards.

The stylistic and thematic differences of the works presented in the screening film express as a whole the expressive richness of video art in Odessa, characterised by the provocative and self-mocking spirit of its protagonists and a profound reflection on art as a tool of introspection and freedom.

In collaboration with the Odessa Museum of Modern Art; the videogallery is powered by Fondazione In Between Art Film.