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Alberto GaruttiTemporali

MAXXI’s roof – Via Masaccio side

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Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

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These lights will vibrate when lightning strikes during thunderstorms in Italy. This work is dedicated to those who pass by and think of the sky.

“The work declares to the viewer the link between art and the primordial energy of nature, reaffirming the value of art as an instrument of mediation between man and the world. Temporali (thunderstorms) is not just a machine of detection but revelation. It is not just about the Italian sky. Still, it succeeds in evoking universal enigmas such as the atmosphere, lightning, energy and the entire celestial vault: art that contains the mystical sense of nature,’ Alberto Garutti.

Designed by Garutti to be installed on the roof of the Museum, along the facade overlooking Via Masaccio, the work is a large illuminated inscription whose lights increase in intensity every time lightning strikes on Italian territory. The inscription invites the public to become an active part of the work.

header: photo © Alessandro Fucilla / MUSA