28 October 2023 > 31 March 2024

Emilio Isgrò, Mario BottaNon uccidere

MAXXI piazza

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Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

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Two masters of contemporary culture and a four-handed project celebrating the founding values that inspired the Italian Constitution.

Dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Constitution, the installation connects artistic creativity with architectural design, giving unique form to an essential value of our culture and a universal message of hope.

Starting from here, Emilio Isgrò interprets the theme of the Constitution by revisiting the biblical tablets of the Ten Commandments, leaving only the fifth one legible: Thou shalt not kill. A message of peace in times of war, the text is symbolically translated into eleven languages, transcribed and carved on pairs of stone tablets from Sinai. The tablets are enclosed in a circular space made of wood and designed by Mario Botta. Integrated into the pavilion structure, they become a unicum in which art and architecture resonate.

The project received the ‘Medal of the President of the Republic’. With the support of the Struttura di Missione Anniversari Nazionali della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri. Header: photo © Riccardo Musacchio / MUSA, courtesy Fondazione MAXXI