10 April 2024 > 20 October 2024

Ambienti 1956-2010Environments by Women Artists II

gallerie 2, 3, 4, sala Gian Ferrari and MAXXI piazza 
curated by Andrea Lissoni, Marina Pugliese, Francesco Stocchi

opening hours

Monday closed
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 7 pm

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The environments, on the border between art, architecture, and design, are three-dimensional, immersive works activated by audience interaction and enhanced by human presence.

The exhibition is the next chapter in the Inside Other Spaces exhibition project. Environments by Women Artists 1956-1976, a project initiated by the Haus der Kunst in Munich, which highlighted the fundamental contribution of women to the history of one of the art forms of expression perhaps least investigated to date.

The German institution’s research continues at MAXXI, expanding the original chronology up to 2010, the year Zaha Hadid completed the museum’s architectural design.

Judy Chicago, Lygia Clark, Laura Grisi, Aleksandra Kasuba, Léa Lublin, Marta Minujín, Tania Mouraud, Nanda Vigo, Tsuruko Yamazaki are joined in this second chapter by Micol Assaël, Monica Bonvicini, Kimsooja, Christina Kubisch, Nalini Malani, Pipilotti Rist, Martha Rosler and Esther Stocker.

This new research allows us to investigate further critical aspects of environmental art, bringing to the surface themes such as the relationship with public space, the introduction of new technologies, and viewers’ consequent active involvement.

An exhibition by MAXXI and Haus der Kunst München. The original exhibition Inside Other Spaces. Environments by Women Artists 1956-1976 is conceived and produced by Haus der Kunst München 2023.

header: Inside Other Spaces. Environments by Women Artists 1956–1976. Aleksandra Kasuba: Spectral Passage, 1975 – 2023. Haus der Kunst München, 2023. Ph. Agostino Osio – Alto Piano