LINA – Learning, Interacting and Networking in Architecture

LINA – Learning, Interacting and Networking in Architecture

A new European platform for emerging architecture professionals.

Born in June 2022, the LINA platform aims to mobilise the European architectural sector for clean, circular and sustainable architectural projects in connection with the new European Bauhaus.

It brings together efforts to tackle climate and environmental challenges in the field of architecture in a European programme of research, workshops, architectural exhibitions, conferences and publishing projects. It supports ideas that bring about the aesthetic, sustainable and inclusive elements of change needed to deliver the European Green Deal.

Il MAXXI Architecture Film Lab

The Lab takes shape starting from the growing recognition of this exciting contamination between languages ​​and art forms which aims to develop new expressive tools and knowledge shared in the younger generation of architects and video artists.

The program includes a series of lectures, meetings with artists and experts, as well as workshops aimed at creating short architectural video works. The group of participants – composed of architects and video artists – have the opportunity to explore the art of videomaking as a new way of investigating, questioning and reflecting on the themes of our time.

The platform, which supports emerging professionals in the field of architecture, brings together 28 European and Mediterranean organisation: Beta, Timisoara Architecture Biennale, Tbilisi Architecture Biennale, Forecast Berlin, Theatrum Mundi Paris/London, Copenhagen Architecture Festival, Belgrade International Architecture Week, Sarajevo Architecture Days, Kosovo Architecture Foundation, Irish Architecture Foundation, Mies van der Rohe Foundation Barcelona, Graz Architecture House, Gallery VI PER Prague, Estonian Architecture Museum Talinn, MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Art Rome, Swiss Architecture Museum Basel, Architektūros fondas Vilnius, Dpr-Barcelona, Architectuul Berlin, Association of Architects of Istria, Luma Foundation Arles, Architecture Triennale Oslo, Architecture Triennale Lisbon, Design Academy Eindhoven, Barleti University Tirana, Notre Dame Louiaize University Lebanon, Institute of Architecture and Design at Technical University of Vienna, Department of Architectural Design at the ETSAM, Polytechnic University of Madrid.